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UCB Anonymous Confessions

UC Berkeley Anonymous Confessions
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Anonymous Confessions @ UC Berkeley
Got a confession you've been unable to share? Have a secret to juicy to spill? An embarrassing phobia you shouldn't reveal?

Well, you can put it here. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post more than once if you'd like.

The basic rules:
  • Post anonymously.
  • Post honestly.
  • Post only about yourself. Don't dime out others.*
  • When you leave a comment, be respectful.

Agree with something someone said. Let 'em know. It's nice to be heard.

Anonymous commenting has been turned on and IP logging has been turned off for a couple of weeks.

* Protect the guilty, and the innocent. Don't post any identifiable personal information.

This event usually happens once a semester, between the playing of "Hanging Danny Deever" and the end examinations.